Healthcare Acoustics

Hospitals and Clean Room Noise Control

Clean room environments impose sanitation constraints diametrically opposed to the basic construction of noise control materials and systems.

Clean rooms require washable, cleanable, dust and fiber free supply materials. Clean rooms usually are designed with hard and reflective floor and wall treatments, which create a high level of reverberation or echo leading to poor speech intelligetability within the clean room.

There are several acoustical products and supplies that can be used in clean room design to reduce noise from equipment to create a better working environment.

All Noise Control offers clean room class 100 to class 1000 approved acoustical foams, wall panels and ceiling tiles that can be used with your clean room design to help soundproof your equipment.

The following set of products have all been approved for soundproofing use in clean room settings, kitchens, food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, and any other venue that requires clean room approval.

Sanitary Baffle -Baffles reduce the reflection of sound waves by adding soft, porous, open-celled materials to an environment. These USDA approved baffles are a durable and virtually rip-proof method of adding sound absorption to reverberant areas.
The sound absorption core is completely encapsulated in a reinforced polyester film. The white facing reflects light, which adds to the illumination in a room. Standard size is 4’x2’ with two brass grommets on one four foot side.

Industrial FDA Approved Baffles Absorb sound reflections in clean room environments are these popular vertically suspended baffles that are also approved for use in clean room and food processing venues. Noise Control baffles are the ideal solution to reverberation issues in areas where a low level of pollutants is required. The baffles are comprised of a sound absorptive fiberglass core completely encapsulated in a reinforced mylar film. The white facing reflects light, which adds to the illumination in a room. Standard size is 4′ x 2′ with 2 brass grommets on one four foot side. FDA Approved  –  Washable – Stain resistant NRC rating up to 12.8 per 4′ x 2′ baffle. Core densities (1.6 lb or 3.0 lb core)

Clean Room Wall Panels– fiberglass panels encapsulated in a rip stop polyester skin, approved for use in food processing, clean room, kitchen and laboratory settings.    Ideal for absorbing unwanted sound reflections in most any clean room setting.

Clean Room Ceiling Tiles – Clean Room Wall Panels, custom cut to 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ panel dimensions for dropping horizontally into an existing ceiling tile grid system.

Hanging baffles and banners – All Noise Control sound absorption ceiling baffles are the best to solve any reverberation problems, in any large space. Our acoustical ceiling baffles are lightweight, Class A fire-rated and available in various colors and sizes to meet any acoustical needs.